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Sviluppatore Key Training and Development Pty Ltd

Total Recaller is a study and learning program developed for the struggling students who find it difficult to learn in the traditional way. Many of these students struggle to do well in tests and exams and consequently they begin to doubt their own capabilities. This shatters their confidence and their progress is further hindered.

In many instances the problem lies in the fact that many students do not know how to study and therefore the information is easily forgotten. Studies prove that around 90% of what we hear is lost within 30 days with MOST of the ‘forgetting’ occurring within the first few hours - HERMANN EBBINGHAUS.

This Application helps the struggling student to organise their class notes in a meaningful way. Specifically this is done by getting the student to formulate mock tests based upon the subject matter in the class or lecture. Once the student creates these mock tests on the information that they deem to be important, they are encouraged to run these tests often; around 4 times per week would be ideal. By being involvement in creating Questions and providing correct Answers the student makes the information meaningful. Studies show that meaningful information becomes far more memorable. However without a means to capture the knowledge from a class lesson or lecture it will quickly become fragmented or lost entirely.

The Application puts the student in charge of their own learning and they can track this progress through their My Progress summary screen. At a glance the student can see a breakdown of their progress for the previous week and what the next week entails. This process is far more empowering than merely trying to remember huge amounts of information copied down during lectures.

Building confidence builds the Individual. Exam time will no longer be a time of dread but an opportunity to shine.

Finally, some Students tend to work and learn better in groups, so Total Recaller has created an environment to facilitate this form of study. Students can organise Study Groups where they can communicate, collaborate and share the mock Tests which they have created to all members of the group. Communication through this portal is visible to every member of the group and so this provides a far safer environment for everyone.